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Virgin America

Franco Finn, Engagement & Communications Specialist
“Ever since partnering with AnyPerk, we’ve noticed a significant spike in our employee engagement, especially with our largest workforce – our Inflight Team. We noticed a majority of them, mainly comprised of millennials, responded extremely well to AnyPerk’s discounts and benefits. We’re happy to say that the overall experience of working with AnyPerk has surpassed our expectations. “

Elite Daily

Luis Navia, Director of Innovation & Culture
“Thank you so much for such a seamless experience with AnyPerk. You have truly outdone yourself in regard to customer services and attention. Kudos. A delight working with such a professional and efficient team.”

Cushman & Wakefield

Rich Borges, Managing Director, Global Travel & Corporate Procurement
“When you have a workforce of thousands of people in multiple markets that you want to reward, you appreciate the work that AnyPerk has put in to making its platform uncomplicated, personal and customizable for the employees you want to delight or gratify.”

Coffee Meets Bagel

Arum Kang, CEO & Co-Founder
“Employees have told us they appreciate having access to AnyPerk because it helps make their lives easier every day. As a growing startup, company culture is very important to us and we really believe it’s the little things that can make a big difference in terms of fostering a happy team. AnyPerk definitely helps us with our goal to increase our employees’ happiness.”


Christine Wheeler, Senior Benefits Manager
“AnyPerk essentially runs itself. We introduce it to our new hires and have it on our benefits portal. It fits in with our Bloom wellness program, which supports financial well-being.”

Hawaii National Bank

Derek Kanehira, VP of HR
“With AnyPerk, our employees now enjoy all of the corporate perks that are usually found at larger organizations. AnyPerk offers an easy to use turn-key solution, with new discounts added regularly and best of all our employees enjoy the discounts they receive!”

United Auto Credit

Melissa Regan, Recruiting & HR Manager
“From a very practical perspective, being able to manage our rewards in one spot, allocate credits by department, see how much we’re spending and monitor where it’s going was huge. We used to mail employees gift cards for high performance. Not anymore.”


Jamai Valentino, Executive Assistant to the CEO
“AnyPerk has totally exceeded my expectations. Dealing with [AnyPerk has] been such a pleasurable experience. I didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere to compare. For me it isn’t just the perks, it’s the people I deal with. All the account managers I’ve had emailed me asking how things are going. I feel taken care of.“


Natalie Burdick, Office Manager
“We were in a meeting and we weren’t even discussing perks, but all of a sudden someone mentioned AnyPerk and everyone else at the table started saying, ‘we love AnyPerk.’ I love seeing the team react that way.”


Kim Otis, People Ops Business Partner
“We were growing rapidly and wanted to offer strong employee perks to continue our momentum, but it was taking so much time to negotiate perks directly. So, we skipped the hassle and tried out AnyPerk. We’ve grown to over 500 employees in the U.S. and continue to see the vast majority of our workforce regularly redeeming perks through AnyPerk. It’s something our employees really love.”

GrubHub Seamless

Jim Leahy, Office Manager & Recruitment Coordinator
“[AnyPerk provides] an excellent feedback model, encouraging me, the consumer, to reach out to my contacts at AnyPerk to suggest new perks. They also are very reliable and informative when I have inquiries about an existing perk. That type of commitment is what separates a good business from a great business and keeps consumers like me loyal to a site like AnyPerk.”


Tianna Johnson, People Operations, Talent/Recruiting and HR
“Using AnyPerk Rewards has been a great way for us to strengthen our company culture. It lets us easily recognize employees on an ongoing basis. It’s a great way to thank someone for staying late, or putting in a few extra hours. I love how easy it is to use, and our employees love the selection of Rewards they can spend their credits on! I’d recommend AnyPerk Rewards to any company that strives for great company culture.”


Leah Colman, People Operations & Performance
“The perks on AnyPerk cater so well to our workforce, which is largely represented by educated, tech-savvy millennials. AnyPerk does everything for us so we don’t have to.”

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