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We all know that excellent work and employees deserve to be recognized. So we'll help you make meaningful recognition easy to give. It's that simple.

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AnyPerk Rewards

Simple & Personalized Recognition

Give employees the recognition they deserve and seek. AnyPerk Rewards is an employee recognition platform that is uniquely simple to use and personalized so it appeals to everyone – HR, managers, and employees.

An exclusively digital experience, AnyPerk Rewards lets managers and peers easily and regularly give recognition, along with rewards credit employees redeem for a reward of their choice – everything from e-gift cards, to experiences, to company-specific rewards!


Melissa Regan, Recruiting & HR Manager, United Auto Credit
Rather than giving an employee a generic gift card, AnyPerk Rewards lets us add a personal touch to employee rewards by including thoughtful messages of appreciation. And employees like the ability to choose their rewards. Frankly, it builds a stronger connection with employees.”
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Meaningful Recognition

For Every Occasion

AnyPerk Rewards comes with a variety of built-in occasions proven to drive performance and engagement at work. Celebrate an employee’s achievement, birthday, or work milestone. Or even create a custom occasion!

We make it easy to give personal, specific, and unexpected recognition whatever the occasion may be. Simply select the employee you’d like to recognize, choose the occasion, pick the rewards credit amount you want to give, and then send off a personalized note of recognition. It’s that easy!

Delight Your Employees

With Customized Templates

Recognition should always be meaningful and feel like it’s tailored for the specific occasion. That’s why each AnyPerk Rewards recognition email template is uniquely designed with space to add a personalized message to the employee. From a birthday card with a cake and candles to a “Great Job” note or “Congratulations” with a big flower bouquet, AnyPerk Rewards is sure to delight every recipient.


Go Social 

Pile on the Praise

Recognition is most impactful when it’s broadcast. Social and peer-to-peer (P2P) recognition between co-workers allows for immediate feedback, something millennials especially value. With AnyPerk Rewards, you can select all the people with whom to share the recognition note, triggering a special email designed to encourage other employees to pile on the praise and chime in with their enthusiasm and support.


Rewards Employees Want

Options That Appeal to Everyone

From shopping to charitable giving to experiences, AnyPerk lets employees choose from tons of rewards that appeal to everyone. When employees receive a note of recognition in their inbox, they click into our rewards marketplace where they can choose a reward from a variety of top brands like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more. Or individuals can use their rewards credit towards an experience – from skydiving to wine tasting to zip-lining – or even donate it to a charity. Premium plan users can select a company-specific reward, like branded swag or lunch with their CEO. The whole process is simple and seamless.



Track Performance

On Your Rewards Dashboard

Log in to the centralized rewards dashboard to get full visibility into your program, set rewards budgets for managers and employees, and track your program’s metrics and success. Monitor everything from how much rewards credit is available, to who your most rewarded employees and top givers of recognition are, to the most popular rewards redeemed. Boost engagement by celebrating managers who regularly recognize top performers and highlight these individuals’ outstanding work.

Tianna Johnson, People Operations, Talent/Recruiting and HR, nWay
“Using AnyPerk Rewards has been a great way for us to strengthen our company culture. It lets us easily recognize employees on an ongoing basis. It’s a great way to thank someone for staying late, or putting in a few extra hours…”
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Develop Your Program

With Your Customer Success Manager

Ensure your recognition program success with the help of your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM), who is experienced at helping companies increase engagement and strengthen culture. As your personal rewards and recognition expert, our CSMs help you design, launch, and monitor a program tailored to your company’s needs. Track your progress with regular check-ins and reach out to them for support. Implementation and training is easy, so you can be up and running in no time to start building a strong culture of recognition.

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Marcus Quintell, Human Resources Generalist, LGS Recreation
“AnyPerk allows our employees to save money on their favorite brands and also at the same time be recognized by their supervisors for a job well done. It’s great to have both the perks and recognition products together on one platform.”
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AnyPerk Anywhere

The iPhone Mobile App

Recognition shouldn’t be confined to the desktop. The AnyPerk iPhone app lets you recognize employees on-the-go and lets employees redeem rewards when they’re at an off-site location or just out and about. Mobile rewards makes the recognition experience that much better for the giver and recipient.

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Introducing Namely – Our HRIS Partner
AnyPerk is partnering with leading all-in-one HR platform company Namely to automate the onboarding and maintenance of AnyPerk Rewards for customers to further ease the burden on HR administrators.
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