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Show appreciation for your employees by making their lives easier and more fun, inside and outside of the workplace. Delight your employees with perks they love.

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Appreciate Your Employees

With High Quality Perks

Employees can use over 850 perks that have no limits on redemption frequency, don’t expire and are redeemable immediately. On AnyPerk, get reduced pricing you can’t get publicly anywhere else. We have so may perks across a multitude of categories, that there’s something for everyone! From preferred pricing on gym memberships to childcare services, many perks recur monthly and are available nationwide. Employee can also make direct perk requests to AnyPerk, letting companies skip the time-loss of negotiating perks in-house.


Kim Otis, People Ops Business Partner, Zendesk
“…We’ve grown to over 500 employees in the U.S. and continue to see the vast majority of our workforce regularly redeeming perks through AnyPerk. It’s something our employees really love.”
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Highlight Your Brand

With a Customizable Platform

Reinforce your company’s core values and employer brand by customizing your company’s perks platform with a company logo and a perk category devoted to displaying your company-specific events and perks. Any perks that are not aligned with your company’s values can easily be hidden by the admin themselves. Build a platform around your company’s values and goals.

Track Program Metrics

With Straightforward Analytics

Track engagement using perk redemption analytics that tell you the dollar amount employees are saving monthly with perks and how many of your employees are benefiting from the program. See how much the company has saved as a whole since implementing AnyPerk, and gain insights into the interests of your workforce by keeping track of the most frequently redeemed perks. We let you easily track your ROI and program success.

Ensure Program Success

With Your Customer Success Manager

Your designated Customer Success Manager will be your personal employee happiness expert. They will be your point-guard for answering questions, providing analytics and technical guidance, fielding all questions and requests, and generally checking in on the health of your employees’ happiness. Enjoy a seamless and fast on-boarding and program management experience to immediately begin delighting your employees with your perks offerings.

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AnyPerk, Anywhere

The iPhone App

Meet the first iPhone app dedicated to employee happiness! Now it’s possible for employees with AnyPerk to easily take advantage of their perks – find, buy and redeem them – all from the convenience of their iPhone. Our geolocation perks locator feature shows users a map of where all the local perks near them are. And our perk alert feature sends a note out when a person is close to a store or business that has one of their favorite AnyPerk perks.

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Never Miss a Perk

With AnyPerk’s Extensions

AnyPerk’s Chrome and Firefox Extensions are available to users who never want to miss out on a brand new or existing perk while they shop the web. Our extensions notify employees with a simple banner that a website they’re browsing offers a perk, allowing them to take full advantage of AnyPerk savings effortlessly.

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Learn how AnyPerk can help make your company a place where employees love to work.

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