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Rewards & Perks on One Platform


AnyPerk helps companies build places where employees love to work and feel appreciated. We offer an integrated rewards and perks platform that boosts employee happiness. With easy set up and on-boarding, along with personalized offerings for your diverse workforce, AnyPerk appeals to everyone. Purchase our rewards and perks products separately or together for the ultimate employee happiness platform.

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Marcus Quintell, Human Resources Generalist, LGS Recreation
“AnyPerk allows our employees to save money on their favorite brands and also at the same time be recognized by their supervisors for a job well done. It’s great to have both the perks and recognition products together on one platform.”
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Build Happiness with Recognition

AnyPerk Rewards is an employee recognition platform that lets you celebrate employee achievements and milestones. Managers can recognize and reward employees for their contributions and peers praise one another for a job well done. Send custom notes of recognition along with rewards credit that recipients redeem for a reward of their choice. AnyPerk Rewards is simple and straightforward and appeals to every employee base.

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Rich Borges, Managing Director, Global Travel & Corporate Procurement, Cushman & Wakefield
“When you have a workforce of thousands of people in multiple markets that you want to reward, you appreciate the work that AnyPerk has put in to making its platform uncomplicated, personal and customizable for the employees you want to delight or gratify.”
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Perks Your Employees Love

AnyPerk gives companies a way to show their appreciation for employees every day. Employees gain access to reduced pricing on over 850 brands in categories like travel, health and wellness, entertainment, shopping and more. There are no limits on perk redemption frequency, they don’t expire, and are redeemable immediately. Want a new perk? Employees can reach out directly to AnyPerk with their requests, so companies can skip the time-loss of negotiating perks in-house.

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Customer Success & Support

Achieve Your Employee Happiness Goals

Every AnyPerk customer receives a designated Customer Success Manager who is your strategic partner and helps you achieve your business objectives. They can assist you with every aspect of setting up a recognition or perks program. Our employee happiness experts are always available to answer your questions, big and small.

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Leah Colman, People Operations & Performance, Birchbox
“AnyPerk caters so well to our workforce, which is largely represented by educated, tech-savvy millennials. AnyPerk does everything for us so we don’t have to.”
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Employee Communications

Strategic Marketing Around Your Employee Happiness Initiatives

Part of boosting happiness is making sure employees understand the breadth of engagement initiatives you offer them. We’ll be your strategic marketing partner every step of the way and help you promote your perks and recognition program to your employees.

The iPhone App

Introducing AnyPerk, Anywhere

Meet the first iPhone app dedicated to employee happiness! Now it’s possible for employees with AnyPerk to easily take advantage of their perks, give recognition and redeem rewards, all from the convenience of their iPhone.

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