AnyPerk Rewards Launches to Ignite Employee Happiness

“The AnyPerk rewards and recognition platform is a competitive differentiator for any organization. It offers a personalized experience with a simple and engaging interface.” – Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group *** In today’s competitive business climate, it turns out that one of the best things you can do for Read More >>

Announcing the Rewards Updates You’ve Been Waiting For

We’re excited to announce two new major enhancements to AnyPerk RewardsPREVIEW that will make building meaningful recognition at your company easier than ever. Introducing Manager Budgeting Manager Budgeting makes it easy for you to distribute and track credits that managers can use to recognize their teams. Schedule Recurring Rewards Credit. Spend less time managing reward budgets and Read More >>

A New Benefits Trend: Employee Development Programs

Employees that feel they have opportunities for professional growth are more likely to stay with an organization than those who don’t see a clear path of career progression. According to Deloitte’s report, Global Human Capital Trends 2014, over 2/3 of millennial workers believe management should give them accelerated development opportunities. According to a Brandon Hall Group 2014 Read More >>

Why Companies Are Investing in Employee Perks

Employee Perks

It’s hard to justify spending money on something that doesn’t have easily calculable ROI. But companies are throwing down thousands of dollars to provide employees with perks and benefits to everyday items. Why? There was a fascinating statistic in an article by Time magazine that cited the fact that only 4% of federal cybersecurity staff Read More >>

Why Employee Happiness Matters

The numbers don’t lie; lost productivity due to disengaged employees costs the economy over $300 billion every year. In fact, companies that have unhappy employees have three percent lower earnings per share than the norm. Nearly 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months of employment and 89% of those failures are attributed to Read More >>

4 Low-Cost Ways to Reward Your Employees

Myth: making your employees feel like rockstars at their jobs must be elaborate and cost a lot of money. Truth: sometimes the toughest part of rewarding employees is just coming off as genuine. Not spending money on extravagant gifts and prizes can actually make for a more personal form of recognition – one that requires face-to-face interactions and Read More >>