AnyPerk’s Chrome Extension: Employee Perks Now Come to You

Now, you can get all the savings with zero the work. Introducing AnyPerk’s new Google Chrome extension, allowing users to browse the websites that they visit regularly – to book trips, shop online, browse gym memberships and more – and receive immediate notifications when the site offers an AnyPerk discount. And we think that’s pretty darn Read More >>

Meet our new team member, Ezra Kebrab!

…and our team continues to grow! We’re thrilled to announce that Ezra is joining the business development and white label team at AnyPerk. Originally from Washington D.C. and Maryland, Ezra has spent his recent years studying Math and Economics at Columbia University in New York and now resides in Oakland, California. Welcome again, Ezra! Q: How Read More >>

Meet our new team member, Drew Dillon!

We have a very exciting announcement: after three years of working at Yammer as the Director of Product Management, Drew Dillon is joining AnyPerk as our new Head of Product! In his own words, Drew expresses what aspects of AnyPerk’s product and culture made him take the leap to join our team, and what that shift Read More >>

Culture Secrets: Positivity Drives Success

“BOOM!” As our CEO and co-founder, Taro Fukuyama, loves to exclaim at every opportunity. A company of 400+ employees signed up for our platform? Boom! The vendor team closed another telecom perk? Boom. We ordered fruit to be delivered to our office every week?  BOOM. Big smile. Victorious fists raised. This is what helped inspire us Read More >>

Meet Our New Team Member, Andrew Lin!

Introducing Andrew: our newest member of the business development team who will be helping us spread the word about our platform. Welcome to the AnyPerk family! Q: How did you first hear of AnyPerk? A: I first learned about AnyPerk while browsing through various tech startup websites. There was a great article about our founder, his background Read More >>

Meet Our New Team Member, Fumie Toyooka!

Fumie is joining AnyPerk as an engineer in Tokyo, Japan! With her help, we’ll continue developing new and exciting features for our site that will ensure your user experience is the best it can be. Welcome again Fumie! Q: What do you hope to accomplish at AnyPerk? A: At AnyPerk, I hope to keep the usability of Read More >>

Meet our new team member, Lexi Usgaard!

AnyPerk is very excited to announce that Lexi is joining us here in San Francisco to help us add more awesome perks to our platform. Welcome Lexi! Q: How did you first hear of AnyPerk? A: I heard about AnyPerk through one of my mentors. I loved the story behind AnyPerk and was impressed by the fast Read More >>

Culture Secrets: Personal Goals in the Workplace

This October, our team chose to be extra ambitious. Each of us submitted one non-work related goal that we hope to accomplish by the end of the month, and – thanks to our Client Success Manager, Rachel – we have a colorfully illustrated poster to show for it! Seven of the fifteen goals submitted this Read More >>

Meet our new team member, Kevin Ko!

We are very excited to announce that Kevin is joining the AnyPerk team as an engineer! Q: How did you first hear of AnyPerk? A: When the company was announced as an alumnus of Y-Combinator over a year ago. Between having first come out of YC and now, they’ve grown massively and work on delivering real value Read More >>

AnyPerk + Lyft: Your Friend with a Car

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve just launched a Lyft Perk! All new Lyft users who sign up through AnyPerk can start off with $20 free credit, while existing and new Lyft users will receive 10% off all future Lyft credit purchased through AnyPerk. Not only that, the first 300 users who redeem this Read More >>