Is There Really a Generation Gap at Work?

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Companies need to understand if and how a generational gap exists within their workforce. This will allow them to offer more appropriate, unique perks, recognition programs and benefits to employees and help them build a company where employees love to work.

A New Benefits Trend: Employee Development Programs

New Trend - Employee Development

Employees that feel they have opportunities for professional growth are more likely to stay with an organization than those who don’t see a clear path of career progression. According to Deloitte’s report, Global Human Capital Trends 2014, over 2/3 of millennial workers believe management should give them accelerated development opportunities. According to a Brandon Hall Group 2014 Read More >>

Why Companies Are Investing in Employee Perks

Employee Perks

It’s hard to justify spending money on something that doesn’t have easily calculable ROI. But companies are throwing down thousands of dollars to provide employees with perks and benefits to everyday items. Why? There was a fascinating statistic in an article by Time magazine that cited the fact that only 4% of federal cybersecurity staff Read More >>