3 Things Every Manager Should Do to Engage Their Team


Keeping a workforce engaged doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re a growing startup competing for talent or a Fortune 500 company strengthening its employer brand, the most basic path toward a healthy, happy workforce is building meaningful, social relationships.  A hefty expense account doesn’t always equate to employee happiness. In fact, most drivers Read More >>

8 Ways to Build a Work Environment Around Creativity (Part Two)

Creative Work Environment - AnyPerk Blog

In part one, we talked about how things like ceiling height and cuteness can have significant effects on creativity and employee happiness. We also talked about how, like most creative writing teachers love to say, decorating your office is about, “showing, not telling” what your company’s mission is. So let’s dive right into part two and cover four more Read More >>

8 Ways to Build a Work Environment Around Creativity (Part One)

Office Decor

Have you ever googled: world’s coolest offices? If so, you might first have appreciated the irony of finding Google’s offices featured in most articles that come up. Then, it might have suddenly occurred to you – like it did to us – how popular the topic of office decor has become. But the question still stands: does office decor really affect workplace Read More >>

AnyPerk’s Trade Secrets to Promoting Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness - AnyPerk

By now, the link between healthy and productive employees should be evident. While many companies are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of their employees, few companies have a streamlined strategy for promoting it within their workforce. The first part of solving a problem is defining it. Several definitions exist today of wellness (here’s the wikipedia link to get you Read More >>

Demystifying Millennial Workers Part 3: How to Become a Powerhouse Workplace for Millennials


The Millennials mystery is finally about to be solved. Part 1 revealed the differentiating qualities of today’s working generations. Part 2 dissected the reasons you need Millennials working at your company and covered two of the five key drivers of Millennial engagement: autonomy and social connectivity. So let’s dive right back into it. Here are the three remaining drivers for becoming Read More >>

5 Ways to Leverage Photos to Liven Up Your Workplace


We live in a world of images. It’s never been so easy to snap a photo and share it with the world. Photos are immediately emotional and social, and allude to stories that don’t have to be written. They take but a moment to understand—a treasured quality for today’s multitaskers. We’ve come a long way Read More >>

12 Healthy Snack Options for the Office Kitchen


It’s impossible to find office snacks that please the entire company. We humans, with our various dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences for food, have managed to make it really difficult for others to feed us. And yet, sure as rain, a couple hours after a meal your employees get up from their desks and wander Read More >>