Timeless Truths for Building a Winning Company Culture

While you cannot see or touch a company’s culture, its consequences are seen in the behaviors, actions, and approaches of all members within an organization. As a company that is constantly competing for the best possible talent, how do you ensure you’re fostering a company culture that is rooted in employee happiness, knowing that happier Read More >>

Building a Workplace Infused with Gratitude and Appreciation

The employee experience is becoming increasingly important and more complex as organizations evolve. But what remains consistent is the critical role that gratitude and appreciation play in maintaining the health of an organization. This Friday, March 3 is Employee Appreciation Day – the perfect time to create a unique and memorable experience for your team. Read More >>

2 Thoughtful Considerations for Fostering Employee Happiness

What better way to foster employee happiness and engagement than by offering lunchtime sessions for your employees to learn a new skill or receive specialized training? At AnyPerk, we facilitate a regular “Lunch and Learn” program for our employees where we invite speakers to come and present on a specific area of expertise. The goal Read More >>

Four Ways to Put Culture First as Your Company Scales

A great work environment makes for happier and more productive employees.

Is your company’s culture changing as it grows? Are employees unhappy with the change and thus less productive? We address these concerns and offer tips about how to boost employee happiness by maintaining a positive company culture even as you scale.