Agents of Engagement: Spotlight on Monica Davis

AnyPerk’s Agents of Engagement series puts a spotlight on the quirky and meaningful ways AnyPerkers are helping to foster a positive company culture and play an ongoing role in upholding our core values!

For this inaugural issue of Agents of Engagement, we’ve featured Monica Davis, Digital Marketing Manager at AnyPerk and lover of dogs.

What is your AnyPerk office nickname?

Monicat. There’s no fun story behind it, it just appeared one day and stuck!


You recently won a Quirkie Award for “Owning the Results.” Can you describe what this core value means to you?

I think owning the results is going beyond your job description and tackling any projects that you see a need for that may not apply to any of your current responsibilities. For example, I noticed we didn’t have any video materials on our website and I thought it was a great opportunity to visualize our product and its features. As a result, I decided to reach out to a few video producers and ended up working with one to create a two-minute animated video about what we do which is now featured on all of our landing pages.


What’s your favorite AnyPerk memory?

My favorite memory was when fellow AnyPerker Matt Pirtle face-swapped with a desk gnome (a gift from another co-worker) and shared the photo with the whole company. Everyone got a kick out of it!

I also loved getting to explore Chicago last year at HR Tech with our Director of Product Marketing as our tour guide. He took us to all his old stomping grounds and tore up the dance floor at his favorite dive bar!


What is your favorite new hire tradition?

The AnyPerk Talent Show! We always have such talented start classes and it’s always a blast to watch them act out their favorite hobbies. For example, our newest hire to the Marketing team, Jenny, performed a song as part of The Handsome Ladies. People also love to show off their baking skills, YUM!

Most memorable recognition event?

The first time I was recognized really stands out when I think about my time here at AnyPerk. Our VP of Marketing recognized me during my first week for participating in our Marketing stand-up meeting, even though I didn’t have an update because I was still in training. It felt so great to get recognized in front of the team and was a great start to my time at AnyPerk.

If you’re interested in learning more about life at AnyPerk and to view our current job openings, check out our careers page.

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